About us

PatootiePets was originally created as a forum/blogging site to provide information on how to take good care of our pets, to know what their needs are, and to interact with other pet parents by sharing ideas and getting helpful information when it is needed, including topics about pet adoption. Along the way, it has evolved into an e-commerce site, which still includes blogs and other informative articles, but this time, products and services are already being offered.

We take in some neglected pets, treat their poor health conditions and foster them until a new home and responsible pet parents are available for rescued patooties. The founders are also responsible in finding a forever home for these rescued pets. In fact, they have kept one of their fostered dog; a 5 year old female shih tzu suffering from severe case of mange, abuse and malnutrition. Fortunately, she is now fully recovered and has no trace of being once a neglected and abused dog. With this, patience and genuine love proved to do wonders. It is the same compassion that the founders of PatootiePets want to share with other people who have pets.

Eventually, we created our facebook page and kept the same name that was originally intended for blogging and decided to establish an "anything-about-animals" reputation around it. We share inspirational videos, post the rescued animals that are for adoption, and give tips and helpful information about animals. Fully aware that animal cruelty and pet negligence are still rampant in our society, we aim to take part in educating others and influence them into developing genuine care for animals. 

Late in 2015, we started offering pet supplies aimed to provide the needs of pet parents from basic supplies, foods, travelling bags, and many others including medical needs. These products were offered in very affordable prices. Knowing the needs of these pets, we aimed to provide our customers the convenience of finding the right and quality products they needed less the hassle of travelling going to pet shops.

These days, PatootiePets sticks on its purpose of offering affordable products and services, and be a platform where experiences and knowledge are being shared in light of responsible pet parenting. Pet adoption is also a big part of our main focus so we would gladly welcome anyone who wants to foster or adopt the animals we have rescued. The pet industry is surely not just about business, it's more about being smart and responsible in owning pets.