Bearing Dog Soap

Bearing dog soap is a gentle product and leaves no irritation to pet and their owner. Natural Herbal, Anti-Bacteria, Smelly Hair, and All Breeds.
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Directions: Apply Bearing Soap thoroughly on the wet pet all over. Rinse off and wash with clean water and towel to dry.

Keep in cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children, pets, and direct sunlight.


  • It has been developed and tested for Dogs
  • Formulated with Pro-VItamins B5, Aloe Vera Extract and Conditioning Oil
  • Enchance healthy and soft skin and coat of your pets
  • Long-last pleasant scented.
  • Pets coat will look shiny and soft which easy to groom
  • Minimize tangled problem and preventing skin and coat dryness
  • Leaves no irritation to pets and their owner
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