9 months ago
#7 Quote
Just like any other type of training, you won’t see results overnight so you must be really patient and considerate about it. The most recommended way is to use a crate. Make a crate appear to your puppy as its comfortable sleeping and relaxing space and as he recognizes it as that, your puppy won’t try to cause anything that will make the crate dirty. Have a specific schedule to take him outside or to a place where he can do his dirty business and stick with that schedule everyday. It maybe once in the morning and once in the evening. You can do this as your walking exercise as well. If your dog accidentally releases it on a wrong spot, don’t hit or hurt it. Just say “No!” or “Ooops!” to interrupt it and take the puppy outside. Thoroughly clean the spot to remove the smell because the puppy will most likely do it again because the smell will let it know it’s the right spot for him.