9 months ago
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Dogs vomit due to various reasons. One is that, they vomit if the food has been abruptly changed or too much has been given. What you can do is to slowly change your dog’s food by mixing the new one with the old one then gradually increase the amount of the new one until you are able to give just that. Pay attention to how much you give as well. Some dogs don’t stop eating even if they’re full so they end up vomiting.

Another reason is the type of food you give. Food with too much protein, salt, sugar or fat, and food with corn or soya can make a dog vomit. Your dog might also have ingested a chemical and it’s vomiting to discharge the toxin from its body. And another reason is, a dog sometimes ingests fur and too much of it can make it vomit as well.

Vomiting can also be a sign of a serious illness that’s not so obvious yet so again, it’s always the wisest move to consult your vet.