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Puppy Potty Pad

House training your pet can be simple when utilizing the benefits of the Indoor, Artificial Grass Bathroom Mat for Small Pets. This bathroom mat and tray is designed to accommodate to the potty training needs of puppies, along with the needs of small to medium sized pets that are unable to make it outside for any reason. The portable pet pad and tray system allows your cat or dog to have an acceptable place to relieve themselves, which ensures a cleaner house, apartment, or patio.

Potty Training Spray - Simple Solution

Potty Training Sprays help train your dog to relieve themselves where you want them to. Pet attractant scents act as a signal that tells your dog that it is okay to “go” on the spot you have sprayed. The long-lasting concentrated formula can be used for both indoor and outdoor training and can reduce the time necessary to housebreak your dog until such time that it develops a favorable habit.

Artificial Potty Grass

Most dogs are more comfortable going potty on yards or grasses and it's not easy to switch them into indoor routine. The artificial grass provides them the feeling of that familiar texture and more so, the urine drains from the grass preventing your pet's paws to get wet. This is also ideal for pet parents who don't always have the time to take their pets out for a potty. It is detachable, reusable, cost-effective and made of non-tonic material to help keep both your pet and household safe. It is also weather resistant that makes it ideal even for outdoor use.

Little John's Kennel Cleaner Powder - 500g

Deodorizes, gets rid of ticks and fleas, and keeps mosquitoes and ants away. Available in 500 grams.

Fetch! Neem House Cleaner, Deodorizer, and Bug Repellant

Fetch! Neem House Cleaner, Deodorizer, and Bug Repellant Made from 100% Neem Extract, Citronella, and Lavender Neem has natural antiseptic and pesticidal properties which makes it perfect as a cleaner without the fear that this will be toxic to pets. Made from 100% Neem Extract, spray this on the floor, cages, and beddings to get rid of germs. Perfect for those who share their rooms with their fur-babies or keep their pets indoors. We also added citronella and lavender to amp up its bug repelling properties but without the overwhelming scent of insecticide. DEET free and no artificial additives. Available in 500 ml. & 1 liter sizes.