Little John's Powder - 100 grams

Contains extracts of Madre De Cacao, Chamomile and Malunggay. Gets rid of ticks and fleas, and deodorizes.
Delivery date: 3-5 days


  • Kills fleas, ticks, mites on contacts and repels
  • Eliminates foul odor on your pets
  • Treats mange, hotspots, flaky skin, wounds
  • Relieves redness, itchiness, and allergies
  • Best for dry bath, can be used everyday
  • Repels fly and mosquitoes
  • Speeds up process of healing skin problems
  • Best maintenance for sensitive breeds
  • Smeels good with citronella scent
  • Easy to use, apply like a regular power
  • Safe for all types of fur (Dogs, Cats, etc)


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