Philippine-bred Dog Registration (PCCI)

Registration is one of the most important pillars in purebred dog development. It ensures the continuing documentation of the efforts of dog breeders to keep the purity of the dog breeds they are working on as well as how specific dogs and/or breeding lines are producing over the years.

It is assumed that the bitch is already under your name. If the dog's ownership has not been transferred yet, You need to include Transfer of Ownership into your cart.


1. Fill out the Litter Registration Application Form. 

2. For first time registrant, fill out the Kennel Affix Application Form. (you need to include Kennel Name Registration to your cart)

3. For first time registrant, fill out the PCCI Membership Card (you need to include PCCI Membership to your cart)


Prices does not included penalties. For existing members, it assumed that you are in good standing; no arrears, no suspension/cases.


Picture of Pedigree Certificate per Puppy (PCCI)
Pedigree Certificate per Puppy (PCCI)
Specify the number of puppies you want to register below. Please note that pedigree certificate price is per puppy based on prevailing PCCI fees.
Delivery date: 3-5 days
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